Website Solutions FAQ


Please find below a list of answers to frerquently asked questions;


Can I change the product descriptions?

Yes you can change the product descriptions, when the feed runs an update it will not over write your changes.

Can I add my own products?

You can add your own products and categories as required. Our updates will not touch yiour own products providing that they have unique model numbers. If you need to check with us then please email our websolutions team.

If I wish to add my own images and colours to package is this something that I do myself or something that incurs a cost/charge?

You have the choice on this, we provide you full access to all the files so that you can do this yourself, or if you don’t know how/don’t have the time then we can do this for you. If you require us to make changes we will quote you a cost for the work required, unless the specification changes this cost will be a final cost and you will not be charged any further for the work.

Am I free to order a dedicated SSL certificate of my own choice.

Yes you are free to do this, please note however that our SSL certificates include the £20 + VAT cost for a static IP address which is required for an SSL certificate. If you purchase your own certificate then we would charge you for the static IP address.

How long would it take to dispatch the items ordered from my website? 

You still need to place the order on our website, some of our packages come with an auto order button which you can use to place the order on our site much more quickly. As soon as the order is placed on our website we will process and dispatch it as we normally do.

Does the website have any reference to your company?

No there is no reference to our business on your website.

How do I get paid for the products I sell?

The process is very simple, you sell the product and take the payment in full. You then place the order with us and pay the cost price of the item on our website. The difference between what you sell the product for and purchase the product from us is your profit to keep.

How is delivery charged on my website?

When we setup your site we set all the shipping costs as per our charges, if you want to increase these then we can guide you through how to do this.

Is there any ongoing costs for the website?

There are no additional charges for the website in the first 12 months. After this we will charge you for hosting of your website which can be done monthly(£10.00 per month) or annually(£99.99 per annum). 

Can I set the prices in different currencies?

Yes you can change the site to run in multiple currencies or just one. We set as default the currency as UK pounds.


Should you have any other questions please contact our websolutions team.