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XML Data Feeds


We provide two XML data feeds. The first is a full data feed which contains all pieces of information which you will need to manage your website via this format. The actual feed can be found at The feed contains the following information:

  • Product barcode
  • Ebay category id
  • Product model
  • Old product model
  • Product dateadded
  • Product allowed untracked
  • Product name
  • Product team
  • Category Information
  • Small product image URL
  • Medium product image URL
  • Large product image URL
  • Dropship price excluding discounts
  • Products RRP Price
  • Current stock level
  • Individual shipping cost based o0n tracked delivery
  • Full product description
  • If the item is vatabale
  • Product weight
  • Additionally we provide a stock feed, which is a smaller feed and needs less resources. The stock feed can be found at he feed contains the following information:

  • Product model
  • Current stock level
  • Whilst this feed provides all products you can query an individual product stock too by adding ?model=xxxxxx or products_id=xxxxxx (changing the xxxxxx to the model number or products_id respectively you require information on. As an example if you wanted to check the stock levels for w60cohch you would use the url
    Additionally if you require the stock for products id 111837 you would use the url

    Both of the feeds provide live information at the point of being called.

    We request that you call the full data feed to a maximum of twice per day. To pull new products and update your products information. However the stock feed can be called as often as once every 5 minutes.

    We offer a number of cart solutions where scripts have already been written to populate software such as osCommerce and Zen Cart. These can be found by clicking here. Should you need a different solution or wish for us to write a individual script for this solution please contact us by clicking here

    Please note : You will need a XML data ID to use our data feeds. To find your unique feed ID click hereAny call made to our data feeds without an XML Feed Code after Monday 28th October 2013 will result in the feed being returned with zero products within it.


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